Selling your home by yourself is not the easiest thing in the world. But there are some tips to help you do it. Should you choose to forego a realtor, here are some ideas on how to sell your house by yourself. article-2022112-0D494CB700000578-418_468x286

1. Be sure your home is in tip-top shape.

Homebuyers want a fresh, clean, and aesthetically pleasing home. Be sure to deep-clean your home. If you don’t have the time to, hire a professional cleaning service. No matter which way you do it, the house must be clean. Should anything need to be repaired or replaced, do it. This can include replacing or cleaning rugs, fixing any squeaky stairs, or painting any rooms. Go to to sell your house now. Should you decide to paint, be sure to use neutral colors. Consider lighting candles, and be sure to ask a friend to come over and give you his or her opinion.

2. Don’t overprice the house.

This is a big one. Should you over-price the home, buyers will overlook it. Perhaps they love it, and its out of their price range; well, it may not have been if you had priced it right, and you already lost a buyer. Many homeowners who go the “For Sale by Owner” route, take longer to sell their homes because they don’t price it correctly. Be sure to call an appraiser to come over, so that you know how much your home is worth. How To Buy An Overpriced Home

3. Get a real estate attorney.

You need someone there to protect you at all times, and to make sure that everything you are doing is legal. You’d be surprised at the things that you wouldn’t think twice of, that actually aren’t allowed. A real estate attorney also can act as an escrow agent; you’ll need one to hold the deposit for your house. Having a real estate attorney will help you sleep at night.

4. Advertise your house. Once you’ve got your home on the market, you’ve got to advertise it so that people know its there! Try,,, and These websites are notorious for getting a home maximum exposure.

5. Photos: Photos are a must. Simply posting them is not enough; they must be of good quality. If they aren’t, it can actually hurt you rather than help. If you don’t have good quality photos, you need to get them..and don’t post any until you have good ones! Be sure that in all photos, there is no clutter, for example in the living or bedroom. No clothes, pet toys, magazines, or books should be lying around randomly. Everything should be put in its place. Unknown

6. These are incredibly important; many people don’t think about yard signs as marketing, but they are. They even attract the attention of people who aren’t even looking for a home. However, that yard sign should be stuck even a centimeter into the grass if your the yard itself isn’t in good shape. It should be well-manicured, and at its best. Otherwise, you’re hurting yourself, not helping.



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  1. Gahhhh don’t sell your home by yourself! It’s such a bad idea. I’ve never done it, and I don’t know anyone who has. And I think that’s reason enough. Real estate is complicated, and you could end up in a bad legal situation since you won’t know all of the lingo written out in the contract. AVOID!


  2. Yeah, it seems a little risky to me, for sure. I would never want to buy a home from a person selling it themselves, to be honest. Seems a little fishy. I just personally wouldn’t feel comfortable with the situation.


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