Buyers these days want to buy homes that are “move-in-ready.” This is because new homes won’t need repairs for years to come. Even if they do, they’re free because they’re under warranty! Here are some reasons people are choosing new over old. IMG_3820pse 12.01.32 PM

First off, they are able design their home however they want! They can choose their lighting, cabinets, counters, type of floor! Everything. They can choose how many rooms, and where they’ll go. In older homes, you can’t add more rooms without knocking down walls. And in smaller, older homes, it may not be possible at all.  In new homes, you don’t have to deal with renovations. No money spent ripping out wallpaper, tearing up carpet and having to add new floors, putting electrical outlets in modern spots (such as next to the sink, above the mantle behind the television). Even installing or moving one electrical outlet will cost around $175-250 with an experienced electrician.

A big factor is utilities; new homes are energy efficient with thick windows. In smaller homes, you’re dealing with windows that are basically comparative to printer paper. With a new home, when you set the thermostat to 68 degrees, the home will actually be 68 degrees. In older homes, even if the thermostat is set at that temperature, the home will still be about 74. are paying to not only be hot, but for the unit to fight to get to a temperature it can’t get at.

Repairs in new homes are easy to fix, if they even happen. When something goes wrong in a new home, its usually easy to fix. When something goes wrong in an older home, its usually because of one main source that ties into every other issue in the house. It means a whole lot of replacing. Newly built communities are also close to everything! Fun spots to eat, movie theaters, or a neighborhood that has festivals. These new areas provide entertainment that older homes locations typically cannot.

Newer homes are also much safer. Especially when it comes to the wiring in the walls. Lastly, there is nothing like moving into a home to start your life, that you know no one else has already had one in.

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  1. Michelle

    It’s alot wiser to buy a new house, IMHO. They come with so many less problems. I would absolutely say that if you are under 40, you should not even entertain the idea of buying an older home. Yeah, they’re charming, but you will not be able to afford it, unless you’re an heir or something.

  2. Riley

    True. Plus newer homes are usually in safer areas (well, sometimes). Don’t buy a brand new house if its in a horrible neighborhood. In that kind of situation, it is better to buy an older home if it is in a safer location, for example.


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